Psych Sales

Earning revenue can be tricky sometimes.  On the contrary, sometimes it can be easy if you trick your customers.  Don’t worry- you’re not ripping them off, rather, they’re getting a good deal, they just don’t know it yet.  An article from Inc. discusses a few simple yet ingenious steps to alter your customer’s thought process to becoming more willing to do business with you.  These steps can mean the difference between another person who’s “just browsing,” and one who’s ready to become a new,
reliable customer.

Giving customers what they unknowingly want can be a very successful venture (ex. Taco Bell’s Dorito Locos Taco).  It can take just a few aesthetic yet subtle changes to make a big difference, and your customers will thank you without even realizing it (which was your plan all along).

You can read the entire article from Inc. here.

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