Money Via Mobility

Since the UPC (Universal Product Code) first hit shelves in 1974, we have been looking to develop more and more ways to easily track finances, including sales and expenses alike.  An article from Retailing Today emphasizes that electronic payments are on their way to becoming a mainstay in today’s retail market.  With the new mobile payments found on most smartphones, it’s no surprise that electronic payments have become much more convenient than dollar bills and coins, and paper checks.  Nowadays, you can just swipe your card through the card reader on your vendor’s smartphone, such as Square, or PayPal Here.  You can take 2 pictures of a check (front and back) using check deposit apps, and the money gets directly deposited right into your bank account.  My, how far we’ve come!
Yes, cash and paper checks work just as well (though some purchases are far too large for you to be able to pay in cash), but with the ever-evolving demand for quicker ways to do anything and everything under the sun, and our constant need to go, methods such as these should not go ignored.  Plus, if your customer needs to just go, then helping them get on their way sooner can also help bolster your customer service, as well as your reputation.
You can read more here in the article from Retailing Today.

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