Please Hold

Customer service is an essential component of any business, but it’s often one that isn’t taken very seriously, mostly because we just hope and/or assume that our business is perfect, and nothing can or will go wrong, right?  Wrong.  Sure, you may have a great product or service, but to achieve perfection would take an insurmountable miracle.  Therefore, customer service is something you want to develop and expand, if you haven’t already done so.  If a customer has a problem, question, or even a comment, why would you make them wait so long to hear it?

Putting someone on hold for more than say, one minute, is not only annoying and disrespectful, it also reflects on a company’s communication skills (or lack thereof).  On the other hand, talking to someone directly means you must put on your happy face, even if no one will see it.  You can’t appear miserable and expect to solve other people’s problems; in turn, it will only create more problems.  Also, you can receive feedback online, you just have to make sure that you attend to it weekly, daily, or even hourly.  Sure, you might run your own business, but in your own right, aren’t you a customer too?  You can’t forget about customer service.  After all, since you have customers, they didn't forget about you.

Here is an article from Lifehacker that features some helpful tips for all your customer service need.

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