Choose the level of membership that best fits your needs:
  1. Student Membership.
  2. Faculty Membership.
  3. Educational Membership.
  4. Individual Membership.
  5. Business Membership.
  6. Sustaining Membership.
  7. Donations. 
*Dues will be accounted for as “donations” to the Center for Retailing Solutions.

Benefits of Membership:
  1. Increased visibility across partner campuses and throughout higher education internationally.
  2. Sponsors and members will have access to well-prepared, high-quality college graduates that can be used to fill internship or full-time vacancies within an organization.
  3. By serving as mentors, classroom speakers and event participants and planners, partners learn from direct student contact and interaction.  This helps to develop positive exposure to the industry through these interactions.
  4. Professional relationships are improved through networking and working with other participating industry professionals, academics and students.
  5. Companies significantly increase their visibility within the campus community, nation and world while making their organizations respected for having the highest caliber of potential employees (and customers).
  6. Companies and sponsors have a method of giving back to higher education.
  7. A streamlined process for finding internships for students, easing the burden on both our member businesses and students.
  8. Hands-on member learning via programs and projects undertaken by the Center.
  9. In the future, additional employment for members.
  10. FUN!!

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Still have questions? Please contact us anytime! We look forward to hearing from you.
The Doctors Ogden Group (TDOG), ask for Doc, at (610)-434-6252,