The Center for Retailing Solutions (CRS or “The Center”) is dedicated to being a leading authority on issues and solutions that face the retailing industry.  The mission is to develop relationships, strategic alliances and partnerships with those interested in retailing.  These initiatives will:
  1. Offer educational opportunities for students (both college/university and high school) interested in retailing.
  2. Provide a source of top-notch student talent for potential employment or internships with retailers.
  3. Provide a bridge partnership between the worlds of academics and practitioners for the development of future business leaders.
  4. Develop teaching materials and sponsor programs and events to increase student and professional awareness of opportunities in retailing as well as to better prepare those individuals for entry-level and advanced placement in retailing.
  5. Instill in the retailing community, the values, perspectives and skills needed to become successful in the industry.
  6. Excite partners, faculty and students to identify and meet the current challenges faced by retailers; and to anticipate and develop strategies for future success.
  7. Provide retailing professionals a resource for retailing research and development.
  8. To provide retailers and faculty a solution for the development and execution of programs that partner academics with practitioners.
  9. To create an overall positive impression of retailing and the retail industry
  10. To assist in issues of accreditation for colleges and universities.

In addition to offering the above opportunities, the Center will also provide a mechanism for the creation of corporate partnerships.