Make Sales in Zero Seconds Flat!

Okay, that sounds a bit far-fetched, and perhaps too good to be true, but think about it:  What if you could sell to your customers almost instantaneously?  Pretty cool, right?  Well, how do you do it then?  It's simple, really- your website.  According to an article from Entrepreneur, your website is crucial for any and all prospective customers.  While what you sell is what makes you money, what keeps your customers coming back is actually how quickly and easily they find it.  If your website takes more than, say, ten seconds to load, that customer you almost have becomes the customer you almost had.  Ten seconds may not seem like a lot, but when you're shopping, ten seconds can mean the difference between "only a few left" and "sorry, we’re all sold out."

If you want to gear your customers toward the 'checkout' link, then make sure you know what they want, and advertise it on your website where they can see it.  For example, if you're a clothing retailer, don't advertise a winter coat sale during the summer.  Yes, the coats are on sale, but that's only because not a lot of people will buy them in the summer.  Put shorts and short sleeves on your homepage so people will take notice; think of your homepage as a display window, and anyone who visits it as a window shopper.  Once they start clicking, they'll keep clicking until they've clicked 'confirm your purchase.'

An online presence is essential for any retailing venture, so it only makes sense to give customers a website they can navigate through with little to no effort.  This can be a fun and creative process for you.

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