Think Pink...

As millions of people are making decisions to remodel their bathroom, there are many people who are consciously deciding not to. These people have pink bathrooms. In fact there is a campaign called “Save the Pink Bathrooms” and website dedicated to influencing this decision. According to the website, “This little website grew out of mid-century home lovers’ concern that pink bathrooms were being ripped out of post-war American homes way too hastily. …I believe that to know pink bathrooms is to love them. Pink bathrooms are a wonderful part of our home design heritage. And, there is no doubt in my mind whatsoever that they are poised for a comeback — starting here, starting now.” (

Pink bathrooms were common in homes built in the 1950s, by the 1970s the Pepto-Bismol pink color was out and more muted tones in. The efforts of Save the Pink Bathroom seem to be working. Within the last five years, pink has come back into vogue and more people are embracing their vintage pink bathrooms rather replacing them. Interior designers are even recommending rosy hues for new or renovated bathrooms and manufacturers of bathroom tiles and fixtures have been introducing more pink options. Pantone, the color authority even declared that hot pink will be the “it” color of 2011.

[Source: Murphy, Kate (2010), “Bathrooms, Pretty in Pink Again,” Dec 29, New York Times,]

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